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Theatron, "Hellenic Cosmos" at Peiraios 254
Athens, Greece
November 26th, 2010

At TEDxAthens, we combine world-class speakers with a world-class audience.

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Theatron, "Hellenic Cosmos" at Peiraios 254
Athens, Greece
November 26th, 2010

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Dr. Göran Carstedt

Dr. Göran Carstedt is chairman of The Natural Step International, a non-profit organization with a scientific approach to sustainable development. Dr. Carstedt joined the Clinton Climate Initiative in January 2007 as Senior Director of the C40 initiative and is engaged in the formation of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) Global Network.

Dr. Carstedt is also an advisor and coach to various European, US and Asian organizations and serves as chairman and board member for several corporations. He is the former head of IKEA Retail Europe and served as a member of the IKEA Group Management Board from 1990-1997 and as President of IKEA North America from 1990-1995.

Before joining IKEA, Dr. Carstedt served for many years in different executive positions with Volvo. He joined Volvo in 1974 as Manager of Market Planning at the Car Division in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was Manager of tthe Corporate Planning Office at Volvo Headquarters, President of the Car Division at Volvo France SA in Paris, and President of Volvo Svenska Bil AB, the Swedish Volvo sales organization for cars, trucks, buses, spare parts, financial and computer services and car rentals. Dr. Carstedt has also served as a member of the Volvo Group Management Committee.


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