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Theatron, "Hellenic Cosmos" at Peiraios 254
Athens, Greece
November 26th, 2010

At TEDxAthens, we combine world-class speakers with a world-class audience.

Join us in the audience by filling in the form below. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail with a personalized link to purchase your entrance ticket (35 Euro+VAT) online.

Due to the limited number of seats available, not all applications will be approved.

Applications are now closed, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you all next year! Stay involved with the TEDxAthens Community on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tedxathens) and twitter (http://twitter.com/tedxathens) TEDxAthens Team

Theatron, "Hellenic Cosmos" at Peiraios 254
Athens, Greece
November 26th, 2010

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Media Sponsors


SKAI Media Group

Media Sponsor

Skai is one of the largest media groups in Greece composed of a free reception Television station, three radio stations: Skai 100.3, Red 96.3, Melodia 99.2 and the associate radio station Freedom 88.9, the news portal www.skai.gr, the sports portal www. woop.gr and the publishing house Skai Books. The group’s philosophy is to provide high quality programming and accountable information while focusing on communicating multifaceted ideas, broad topics and quality entertainment.

Learn more http://www.skai.gr


Media Sponsor

“I KATHIMERINI” Newspaper is being published since 1919 and is one of the most historic newspapers in Greece. From its start it has had a strong influence on the political and economic affairs of Greece. As a political and financial newspaper, “I KATHIMERINI” covers domestic as well as international news, having ensured exclusive association with publications such as the International Herald Tribune and The Economist.

“I KATHIMERINI”  is a “quality” broadsheet newspaper and is published on a daily basis from Tuesday to Friday, while its Saturday and Sunday editions constitute multi-segment newspapers with broad reviews of the week’s most important events.

Accompanied by special sections for economy, property & real estate, culture & art, sports, travel, classified advertisements. Covering at the same time the needs of the whole family, through its successful weekly and monthly supplements and upscale offers.


Athens Voice

Media Sponsor

Athens Voice is the first and biggest weekly free press review. A break through in the printing Media, a new Press “breed” that combines the validity and the stirring effect of a newspaper with the freshness, the aesthetics and the youthful essence of a magazine. With some of the most popular and highly influential signatures of the media and the artistic scene: Georgeles Fotis, Papayiotakis Stavroula, Birbili Aggeliki, Georgele Nenela, Nenes Yiannis, Lazopoulos Lakis, Milatos Makis, Doukas Prokopis, Dimitrakopoulos Yiorgos, Kontova Myrto, Zoumboulaki Manina, Panopoulos Yiorgos, Georgiades Nikos, Kraounakis Stamatis, Zahariades Nikos, Leanis Michalis, Vallianatos Grigoris, Menegos Panayiotis, Mandravelis Pashos, Triantafyllou Soti, Pehlivanides Fotis, Tsitsopoulos Stefanos and many more.

Only within a few years time A.V. has created a totally new media category. It stays on the very top among the weekly publications, the city guides and the rest of the free press magazines and newspapers. According to the latest reports A.V. is one of the biggest newspapers of the country. Distributed not only in Athens and Thessaloniki but also in 20 other cities in Greece covers panhellenic readership.



Media Sponsor

Pathfinder is one of the most popular portals and the first to appear in Greek Internet in 1997, providing a comprehensive source of news reporting, social networking, information search, entertainment and online shopping.


Media Sponsor

Thinkdigital runs one of the widest networks of Internet Media in South East Europe. Our mission is to offer advertisers and marketers services that allow them to target their specific audiences in an effective way, while maximizing revenues for the Publishers who belong to the Thinkdigital Network. Since its incorporation in 2006, Thinkdigital has partnered exclusively with the global and regional leaders in Digital Advertising. Today, Thinkdigital’s Network boasts the wider selection of Premium Publishers including MSN & Windows Live, Facebook, Miniclip and the most popular local publishers in each of the countries we operate. To deliver on the promise, Thinkdigital has joined forces with MediaMind / Eyeblaster to offer Integrated Digital Technology Services. Our solutions enable the unified management of digital marketing campaigns across display banners, rich media, search and video.


Media Sponsor

NEWS 247, uses a clean-cut approach to address news, current events and human interest stories. Its objective team of journalists has no strings attached to any of the traditional media organizations. Building its own journalistic staff, NEWS 247 approaches news coverage with a fresh and modern outlook. The most important news from Greece and around the world is presented with a constant stream of headline news, columns, photostories, and videos.


Media Sponsor

As one of the leading sites for sharing videos, Dailymotion attracts more than 72 million unique monthly visitors and one billion videos views worldwide (source: comScore, August 2010). Dailymotion offers the best content from users, independent content creators and premium partners. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, Dailymotion provides high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use website that also automatically filters infringing material as notified by content owners. Offering 18 localized versions, Dailymotion’s mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection.

Athens Daily Secret

"Secret" Media Sponsor

Daily Secret is a daily email highlighting a city’s best kept secrets – like hush-hush events, speakeasies, hidden restaurants, and private sales. We launched our first city, Athens, Greece, in March 2010 and in just 8 months have grown to becoming the largest email newsletter in south-eastern Europe today. Our members are some of the city’s brightest and hippest - 85% of which share our secrets weekly with their friends. More editions are coming soon.



Media Sponsor

The most completed news search engine site in Greece, palo.gr, has been upgraded and enriched with new content, reaching 100 news categories.  Nowadays,  palo aggregates Greek news   from 500  sites and 3.000 blogs. The Palo readers have the possibility of searching more than 4 millions news in Greek  and  sharing  them  with all social networks. Further,  they have  the chance to share views and opinions with a very friendly way. The new content  incorporates news categories such as Car, Man, Woman, Insurance , Digital Entertainment, Health, weird stories from all over the world and many other.
Horoscopes and Television Program enrich palo.gr  with informative and useful content. The readers  stay informed on a spot  for all the television programs  and the lovers of astrology can read all the different predictions in their horoscope.
Learn more http://www.palo.gr


Media Sponsor

Elculture.gr is a dynamic internet portal presenting Greece’s contemporary cultural production. It is a daily cultural agenda, an electronic platform, that is constantly updated with cultural news, it informes and is being informed. Elculture supports and organizes educational and cultural events.



Media Sponsor

Statesmen.gr constitutes the first Greek daily online newspaper which provides news commentary, analysis and reviews. It is updated daily with articles and columns on current developments in politics, business, culture, sports, national and international affairs. Since its launch in August 2010, Statesmen.gr has grown steadily to attract many loyal readers and produce thousands of articles publications/reprints. Statesmen.gr is not just current events. It opens itself to whatever is exciting, charming, or engaging in every field of contemporary life and thinking. It provides a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing opinion journals by making a principled case for radical ideas and liberal expression. Statesmen.gr’s positioning is centered in the middle of new ideas, post-politics and clever thinking, eager to provide a modern stage for future targets to be stated, discussed, developed.


EMEA Business Monitor

Media Sponsor

EMEA Business Monitor (www.emea.gr) constitutes a pioneer business portal which covers the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa, emphasizing in the Southeastern European countries and in the markets where Greek companies take dynamic action, opening as such new paths in the business and financial news reports sectors in Greece.

Through its e-pages, the readers have the opportunity, for the first time in the country’s short electronic journalistic history, to get informed about the processes which take place in different international markets with Greek business interest. In the same time, the portal presents the evolution of the country’s leading companies worldwide and informs its readers about the local financial, political and social news.

Thanks to a reliable, professional, valid and up to date approach towards information, the portal offers to its visitors in Greece, as well as to those in the countries of Southeastern Europe and Middle East, a rich, global and multilateral view in all areas of business and economical activity.

Learn more http://www.emea.gr/


Media Sponsor

WTMNews.gr is a Technology & Innovation news portal covering Greek companies at home and abroad. Number one in technology daily news listings and with a middle to senior management audience profile, WTMNews is today the most complete source of information for the tech professionals. It provides a thorough insight into the activities of Greek tech entrepreneurs, coverage of funding and investment opportunities and activities, public sector & EU announcements, global tech industry market research, tech events and executive educational articles. Further, as a media & communications service provider it offers to tech companies complete Public Relations packages including news distribution to the local and international market (5500 global media) through is strategic partnership with PR Newswire, annual communications planning and content preparation (press releases, advertorials etc). Services for technologists, by technologists & PR experts.

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